Finally Friday night

It rained.

asymmetrical ankles
blue morpho butterfly
Buick in ecstasy
so long without rain  

This has been a week of frittering, taking refuge in very old stress relief habits of procrastination, compulsive grocery shopping, wandering around in Tuesday Morning, staring out at my patio jungle, and wondering why my ankles don't match.  One is concave, and the other convex.

The hummingbirds are gone. Haven't seen one at the patio feeder in over a week. An anole has claimed their feeder.

Dad is fighting, slapping, kicking, and hitting the nurses and aides.  Also me when I try to help out.

Overslept.  Felt like growling quite a bit. The growl forming in my throat and maxillary sinuses, the ones  behind my cheekbones.  The teeth clenching. The squint taking over my eyes. Used the coffee grinder, and got the morning pot too strong.

The preschoolers learning insects call that a "Blue Martha butterfly".  I can't help thinking of Stewart.

© 2011 Nancy L. Ruder


Kim said...

Hello dear. I am alive and well. My blogging instincts went awry for a while for 2 reasons that are probably best not discussed in a public forum and 1 reason which I am glad to share: I was in Ohio with The Player...wait, wasn't there a band called the Ohio Players. Yes, yes there was....thanks for checking in on me. You must must must come to visit Ms. Kathleen sometime when the timing is right.

Kim said...

oops...Ms. Kathleen AND ME...

Collagemama said...

Thanks for the open invitation! You must have known that I was ready to hit the open road yesterday. Thank heaven it rained again last night and even hailed. The air and my outlook are fresher.


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