Them that's got shall get summer shoes that fit

There's no Fodors travel guide for my vacation destination. I'm thankful each morning to ease the Buick on down the road to work at the library.  A very different job is almost like travel abroad after the summer in the preschool class.

Vacationing is expensive.  My destination requires comfortable shoes for standing all day. They should be acceptable with both slacks and skirts.  If I ever find the perfect shoes that solve all my problems I'll be ringing the bell on Wall Street, achieving nirvana, completing the Sunday NYTimes sudoku, and winning the lottery simultaneously. What are the odds?

Thought I found some purdy perfect Hush Puppies at DSW last weekend. They were incredibly comfortable UNTIL I walked out the store door.  A day at the library in them was a different story.  How can I stretch these puppies?

It's been so hot for so long here we are all visualizing ourselves sitting in the freezer.  According to WikiHow, that would be just the ticket for the puppies:

 Freezing shoes (leather, pleather, fake leather, etc.): Fill a hole-free sealable sandwich bag or similar plastic bag about one third to halfway with water and seal, one bag for each of your shoes. Place a bag inside each shoe and push into place so that it fits the inner shoe completely (be sure it fits right to heel and toe). Place your shoes in the freezer and let them sit until it freezes, or overnight. The water in the bag will turn to ice and expand into your shoes. Remove from the freezer and leave to thaw for about 20 minutes before trying to remove the bags. Try the shoes on again to see how the shoes fit and repeat if needed. It's recommended that you don't use this method on expensive shoes. 

Don't know if it works.  I got too distracted thinking about ice cubes for my tootsies.

And so, I'm off for another vacation in the green paradise of McPalaces with lush lawns.  I'll drive under several of these warning signs on the way:  Extreme Drought Conditions Conserve Water.  I'll park my very dusty Buick in front of a sprinkling McPalace and bring the owners a little souvenir from Reality.

© 2011 Nancy L. Ruder

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Kim said...

Personally I love my Privos. On my second pair. My first ones were light blue, these are grey with a little purple trim.


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