Rose-colored glasses on the street where you live

I have often walked down this street before;
But the pavement always stayed beneath my feet before. 
All at once am I several stories high... 

Picked up my new spectacles today, and the pavement is only a fraction of an inch above my feet.  Poor Freddy Eynsford-Hill needed a better optometrist.

Tonight I can say it's easier reading with the new glasses.  Drove with no problems.  Now I've messed around at the computer editing photos and making lesson plans for a few hours, and haven't set my glasses aside yet.  The ultimate test will be shelving top-shelf fiction at the library.

Kind of sad that my Dairy Queen frames will be put out to pasture. I've had those glasses since 2005.  That's when a co-worker first noticed their resemblance to the DQ logo.

Dairy Queen no more.  Long live the queen.  Bring her a chocolate Dilly Bar ASAP.

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