Go Big Red

Please make this drought go away.  Bring on the rain! The map is red, but the plantings along the freeway on my commute are brown crispy critters.  It's a highly flammable world.

Please let Big Red keep helping Dad.  She is a gift for my spirit, and for Dad's connection to the here and now.  When Big Red, aka Penelope, offers her hand to shake Dad's, he still pulls his hand from under the blanket to shake.  She calls Dad, "Papa", and "My friend".  Her compassion, openness, and humor are the best medicine.  She can tell me in one breath that Dad tossed his lunch tray on the floor AGAIN, and in the next say she's about ready to start throwing things herself!  Oh, Lordy, don't we all have days like that at our jobs?  Then she has a bowl of tomato vegetable soup saved back for Dad when he gets hungry at the wrong time.

Grow big, red cannas.  Keep attracting those hilarious, healing hummingbirds.  I love their ruby-throated antics and territorial aerial battles.  The cannas are taller than the privacy fence.


© 2011 Nancy L. Ruder

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Kathleen said...

Oh, she sounds wonderful. We had a sudden brief sprinkle of rain here, already gone. Also, there's a poem about that kind of rain in the Writer's Almanac today.


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