Andy Warhol with a bunny on his head

I can do many things with a bunny on my head, but I cannot post photos of my students.  Therefore, these photos have all been approved by the Witness Protection Program's Warhol Anonymity Division.


2.  Set children to work coloring nice hot dog-shaped pink inner bunny ears.

See example below.

3.  Constructing the paper plate bunny was ridiculously easy .

4.  Match the edges of opposing plates and fasten with three staples above the bunny's nose.

5.  Pull the central sections across each other and fasten.

6.  Position bunny around headband, stapling center front and at back edge of each plate.

7.  Position ear piece and staple to each plate.

8. Glue pompom to center back of headband for bunny tail.

9.  Add a triangle nose if desired.

10.  Now you have a bunny on your head.  What can you do?

© 2011 Nancy L. Ruder

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