Mary in Ohio With a Bouncing Bunny On Her Head?

Recently reawakened to my strange sensory connection to my college friend.  Why is it that whenever I tear the sheet of Bounce in half and throw it into the dryer load I think of Mary?  To the best of my memory Mary and I never did laundry together, or sniffed anti-static dryer sheets, although we were college students in those crazy mid-Seventies.  The brain is so weird.

I've been making a series of photo collages connecting student artwork with my photos.  Sometimes the photo experience inspired the art project. Often the connection of the two images is a moment of, "Oh, ho!  Didn't I just see that somewhere else?"  Construction, collage, and Hartfield-Jackson airport runway:

Our new favorite picture book in the preschool class is Sean Bryan's A Boy and His Bunny.  The boy has a bunny on his head.  He names it Fred.

When I saw the illustration my brain, which was lounging on a park bench and eating a ham and swiss sandwich  at the time, immediately said to me, "Cheap paper plates."  Now that I have the plates from the Dollar Store I'm starting to doubt my brain.  How did it sense I should have the students make bunnies to wear on their heads out of these plates?  Cross your fingers that my brain and I will reconnect in time to make a successful art project/surprise birthday party.  Thanks.  One of us will report back on the results.

© 2011 Nancy L. Ruder

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Kim said...

I'm going to Ohio this weekend! I have done Sunday School projects with paper plates but I think we made prayer wheels with them. No bunnies as it was not Easter.


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