Double wide world of worms

An army marches on its stomach.  Napoleon I

True for worms, too.  The traveling worm show will be marching out Wednesday, and it won't be going light.

  1. Large laundry basket full of sixty peanut butter, mayo, and spaghetti sauce jars.
  2. Turquoise ten-gallon Sterlite storage tub with air holes, drain holes, and a catch tray.
  3. Fifteen-gallon Rubbermaid storage tub marked, "Dave".
  4. Paper bag holding two "worm castle" jars filled with layered soils and including nightcrawler tunnels.
  5. Book bag containing Doreen Cronin's Diary of a Worm, Harriet Ziefert's Class Worms, and Wendy Pfeffer's Wiggling Worms at Work.
  6. The Sneetches, by Dr. Seuss.
  7. Lid with air holes for #3.
  8. Large bucket of ninety-eight cent topsoil from Home Depot.
  9. Large UTZ pretzel jar full of sand.
  10. Large UTZ pretzel jar full of pea gravel.
  11. Coffee can full of Miracle Gro organic garden soil.
  12. Seven tie-dyed giant fabric worms.  (Six adult and one hatchling)
  13. Photo flashcards of food to feed and not to feed worms.  (No pizza)
  14. Bedding materials for a worm bin (egg cartons, newspapers, tp tubes, smashed eggshells, shredded classified documents).
  15. Tie-dye fabric strips for the craft project.
  16. Large parakeet food jar full of rich homemade humus.
  17. Bucket of scoops, spoons, and trowels.
  18. Plastic drop cloth.
  19. [Not pictured] My active vermicompost bin full of red wigglers.
  20. [Not pictured] Bag of organic material.
  21. [Not pictured] Magnifying glass.
  22. [Not pictured] Emergency back-up sand and gravel in the Buick trunk.
Yes, I keep asking myself, "What was I thinking!?"

© 2011 Nancy L. Ruder


Kathleen said...

I do love your worms. And my own slugs, though I haven't seen any yet this year. Might have seen Queen Anne's Lace, though, after all, walking home from church....but it might have been wild parsnip instead of wild carrot that I saw. Look but don't touch applies to wild parsnip, as I understand it...

Collagemama said...

I love my worms, too. They make me laugh. Thanks for the hint about wild parsnip. Interesting surfing through that info.


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