As we have done before

Let's stare in and out with Windows.  Those barbarians @ Microsoft have decided this would be a nice evening to download, upload, and shake it all about.  Configure me!  Install me!  Restart me!  Was it good for you, too?

During this inconvenient and unslip-slidy technology encounter, my gaze strayed to the patio beyond the sliding glass door.  The red cannas are blooming, but all strangely contorted like rheumatoid arthritic joints.  A hummingbird seemed glad to sip a sideways flower anyway.

Go in and out the window,
Go in and out the window,

The lizards on the fence were colored stressed browns, so I sprayed water on leaves for them to drink.  The hot wind was a blast each time I went outside.  At least the mockingbird didn't get in through this window to peck the ripening tomatoes!  

No tomatoes for you Bill Gates!

© 2011 Nancy L. Ruder

1 comment:

Kim said...

You are lightyears ahead of us in tomato growing. Warp nine!


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