Grading on the curve

I drove
foot pedals
It's immaterial
I think I'm done
It could be better*
You guys are excused**
Do you know who they are?@
On general principle and due to bad timing***
You interrupted something that was already interrupted ****

*        Upset about his unmade bed.
**      To shadowy figures he sees behind me.
@       Pointing at snapshots of his grandchildren.
***    On why he refused a bath this morning.
****  Shaking his finger at me. 

It's a downhill Bell curve slalom ski jump viewed in a cardboard box of white noise.  This is the sum total Dad has spoken to me this week in visits adding up to over three hours.
© 2011 Nancy L. Ruder

1 comment:

Kim said...

Downhill skiing feels out of control sometimes. Use your edges and stop once in a while to look across the vally or even back up the mountain if you need. When you get to the bottom have a hot toddy and a bubble bath.


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