Giant worm gets remote control!

Details at ten?

This old lavender twin flat sheet was sacrificed to the cause of worm education.  Great fun to be dyeing fabric again, inhaling the hot, stinky smell of RIT and vinegar on the stove, wondering how many weeks my hands will be red, ruining another plastic colander, and bleaching my sink. Joy in the moment!

Maybe the giant worms will pop out of a Rubbermaid tub at the We Did Worms event, instead of a can.  I priced giant can options at Target this morning while my walking buddy spent her gift card.  We were cooling down after one of our intense strolls around the neighborhood.

I have not yet dragged the bags of play sand, pea gravel, and $1.00 topsoil out of the Buick's trunk.  These are ingredients for worm parfaits. I'll deal with those tomorrow at terra. There's only so much I can do while remembering  when Gary Hardin put the worm gizzard from the dissection tray down the throat of Resusci Annie in Mrs. Wittemore's seventh grade Life Science class.

And was Mrs. Wittemore's hairstyle what is called "marceled"?  How old was Mrs. Wittemore in 1967?  We thought she was at least a thousand with her weird hair, sensible shoes, and frumpy green dress.  She was probably much younger than I am now in my sensible shoes, fat lady capri pants, and chrome hair.

The prototype giant red wiggler gave me many hints that there must be a better way to make the other three worms.  Life Science today, Home Ec class tomorrow.

© 2011 Nancy L. Ruder


Kathleen said...

I was very glad to see the giant happy worm around the remote at the end, as the first picture reminded me of distressed intestines....

Collagemama said...

And wouldn't RIT Dye & the Distressed Intestines be a great name for a rock band?

Kim said...

Or the name of a Blog you would never hope to accidentally visit. Are you looking for cans the size of Christmas popcorn/kettlecorn office gifts? Those are often found dirt cheap (ha) at garage sales and Goodwill!

Collagemama said...

Think I will put the fabric worms in a Rubbermaid storage tub instead of a can. They are too big for a popcorn can. Dirt cheap is the right price, for sure.


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