A Big Dog Party

 Although it wasn't intentional, this week's art reminds us of the big dog party at the top of the tree in Go, Dog. Go!  The preschoolers love that book as much as I love reading it.

Our mixed media art is the result to two sessions drawing our chain, ladder, web, and the Chinese dragon in the lunchroom.  We looked at the wire sculptures in different ways, and used some materials we rarely try, like chalk, oil pastels, and glitter crayons.

There's a reason why I don't get out the glitter crayons, and now I'll remember it for awhile.  What a mess!  They are soft, flaky, and stain the floor.
Since the art is so springy, I will share several samples to brighten your day.  Climb the ladders to your own dog party in a tree.
Above--age 4 and a half
Left--age 5
Below--age 3

Love these colors!

Left--age 3
Below--age 4 and a half
(and a half is very big in preschool)

Left--age 8.  The elementary kids did the same project with exciting results.
Below--age 5

© 2011 Nancy L. Ruder


Kim said...

Wolf and Sisi would like to join the dog/art party!

Collagemama said...

Would Wolf eat the glitter crayons?

Kathleen said...

Oh, what joy in this art! Hey, if Newt Gingrich comes to town, he might want the glitter crayons for his book signing!

Kim said...

Wolf is a sweet old dog who eats only dog food, dog treats, and human food. He never chews on art supplies, shoes, pillows, or electric cords. He has been busted on top of the kitchen table licking steak juice off an ampty plate, however. And finding a creepy old chicken wing various places around the neighborhood.

Kim said...

empty plate...ack!

Antor Biswas said...

Whereas most dogs get fabulously excited to be given their dinner, Jimmy will take his composed position on the kitchen floor and observe as I prepare his food. Upon placing the bowl down, Jimmy will remain in this spot for a good two or three minutes, quietly reflecting over what culinary delights might be waiting for him just a yard away (NB: 100% of the time it's dog food).

Snippety Gibbet said...

I hope you don’t mind. I linked to this post from my blog, Art Sub Lessons. https://artsublessons.blogspot.com/2019/05/kindergarten-dog-party.html. Jan


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