Snow measure the llama way

On Friday the tallest llama sat under a tree at the farm kittycorner to my condos.  It was neither amused nor perturbed when the forecasted "dusting" of snow piled up around it to over five inches.  It was disinterested in the nutty camera lady walking along the fence.  Where were the other llamas?  I thought I could spy them in a corner by the barn.  Maybe the llama was pretending to be a reindeer, but it's just a broken branch, not antlers. Maybe I was crazy to be out in the snow, but it sure was fun.

By Saturday afternoon, the same llama was back to business as normal, eating, frolicking, and hanging out by the City Council campaign signs.

This llama is nearly six feet tall.  Whatever the weather, I love living across from the llama farm.

© 2011 Nancy L. Ruder


Kathleen said...

What an interesting life you lead.

Kim said...

Llamas! Isn't there a very very old Saturday Night Live skit about llamas? Or just the word? Do llamas like hummus?


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