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My library just began offering "e downloadable media" through Ingram Digital.  This makes my eyebrow twitch.  We already have e books also known as electronic books or electronic resources available through the TexShare Databases.  They are pdf files for your computer.  None of these items are downloadable to your Kindle, Sony Reader, or Nook, although there are sources for free materials for these eReaders. 

A willing guinea pig, I went online at home and "checked out" a downloadable audio book through the link at my library's website.  After downloading the Ingram software, I downloaded the title, Saving CeeCee Honeycutt.  This material is available on my computer for the seven-day check-out period.  I could transfer the material to an mp3 player, iPod, or SmartPhone if I had one.  After the seven days, the material will somehow self-destruct and vanish.  My library subscribes to Ingram's service to provide these audio book downloads, and the whole thing makes as much sense to me as the 3D tv commercials with karate masters doing flying kicks outside the box.

Be kind to your librarian this Valentines Day.  Send him/her chocolates and flowers.  Your librarian is trying to meet demands for new titles in regular print, large print, audio cd, Playaway, and downloadable audio book, all with a shrinking budget.  Your librarian is probably trying to find a way to provide books for eReaders, too, in a way that conserves tax dollars.

I listened to Saving CeeCee Honeycutt while making Valentine cards for my little students.   A good reader performing all the different voices makes it a pleasant experience.  I like not changing cds.  It's nice being able to use the service without ever physically going to the library, which is perfect in a snowstorm.  And please, no 3D blogging!

© 2011 Nancy L. Ruder

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Kathleen said...

OMG, 3D blogging. Oh, don't give any body any ideas....


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