Modern dance mushroom dirndls

  Encouraging news from the modern dance scene here in Dallas/Fort Worth--Bruce Wood may be back.  Sunday when I spied these fungi growing on a dead tree at Oak Point I was reminded of a Bruce Wood Dance Company production five years ago.  Subdued colors.  Swirling skirts.  Intricate patterns.  How would Bruce have choreographed these mushrooms?  When will I see his work again???

In our junior high 4-H club we learned to sew "dirndls".  These were the simplest possible skirts made with a rectangle of fabric and elastic to gather the waist. 
"Dirndl" is an even stranger word than "drivel". 

Our 4-H efforts were much simpler than this Folkwear pattern: 

I'm hoping that pre-teens still wear their sewing efforts to school, but especially that I'll see some Bruce Wood choreography soon.

© 2010 Nancy L. Ruder


Kim said...

I learned to sew in 4H, and cook, knit, and make bread, and supposedly I learned to make greeting cards and candles. Apparently I didn't run proper use of the comma, though.k

Genevieve said...

The things I sewed in 4-H were not fit to wear in public. Some girls won sewing contests. I did not.


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