Feng shui app

The very competent young woman in the office down the hall joined our table at lunch. It was crowded, and a bit jumbly. No worry, she took out her cell phone and used her feng shi app "in real time" to improve the seating arrangement. It's not often someone uses three phrases that make me nervous in just one sentence. I can't pronounce fong schwee, my understanding of apps in hazy, and I don't get what other kind of time there is besides real. If she could have fit "paradigm" into the sentence, I would have had to go home sick.

True, my condo home is sick. It's very crowded and super jumbly, and it's even blocking my creativity. Not in a Zen sense, though. I just have too many boxes of saved recyclables for future class projects, too many stacks of unfiled files, and all the stuff for managing my dad's care and bills. Trying app magic, I held up my cell phone and pointed it toward the mess. The mess did not realign serenely.

Now I've embarked on a Big Clean. This is scary territory causing interior and psychic turmoil. Everything has to get very bad, indeed, before anything will get better. To complete the distress, the World Cup in on the cable tv, with the constant tooting of plastic horns.

Please point your feng shui app in my direction any real time soon. Thanks.

© 2010 Nancy L. Ruder

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