Crazy Day tornado drill

Crazy Day is the fabulously popular tradition for the last day at my school. The children love wearing their clothes inside-out or backwards, with mismatched shoes, and ponytails smack in the middle of their foreheads in a My Little Pony meets Medusa style.

This year the big thrill of Crazy Day was the spring disaster drill. To a preschooler it doesn't get any better than hearing a loud whistle and heading rapidly to the lunchroom to huddle on the floor and cover ones head. "Can we do that again? Can we do it every Crazy Day?," they clamored. Who said entertainment has to be expensive?

My own Crazy Day was delayed. I didn't feel properly crazy due to dental problems at the end of school. Instead I waited until I was working at the uncrazy library to wear my clothes backwards, although unintentionally. I'm sure I went to work this morning with the skirt zipper on my left, but when I got home the zipper was on my right. Is a sheet of Bounce hanging out of my sleeve to complete the look?

© 2010 Nancy L. Ruder

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