I kindled on the flight to Houston Hobby, between two iPod users with earbuds, one of whom was reading Laura Bush's new book. I'm still very new at this technology, and I'm using it to read a field biologist's book about observing turtle migrations in a swollen spring stream. The author, David M. Carroll has a blog and a video online. The illustrations on the blog are better than the illustrations on the Kindle.

The Kindle was a birthday gift from my sons and their wife/fiance/girlfriend special persons. The boys were more interested in halfshell heroes than real swamp reptiles in their childhood.

David M. Carroll's book helped me remember that wild species don't belong to one spot. They generally have a range that they travel through the seasons. We may pat ourselves on the back for preserving a small spot, but the encroaching development disrupts the range.

© 2010 Nancy L. Ruder

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