Fame & fortune & browned butter

Don J. wrote me today asking for the Czech "Prune Song" music I had promised in a June 2004 blog post. This blog was almost a year old when I wrote about Bohemians in Pierce, Nebraska. My mother was still healthy and anticipating a great vacation in Santa Fe. My dad was still cleaning maple tree helicopters out of his gutters, making all of us very nervous. And he would still start singing "The Prune Song", Svestkova alej, when Mom made plum dumplings with browned butter.

Blogging hasn't brought a fortune, but there have been wonderful enriching moments connecting with people with similar interests. As for fame, this blog is the first hit when you Google Svestkova ale!

Should you need the music for "The Prune Song", you can find it and many other Czech resources at Penfield Books in Iowa City. Enjoy the dumplings.

© 2010 Nancy L. Ruder

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