What's my line?

The recently-turned four-year old is telling me about something new in her lunchbox. I feel like I'm on another planet in an old black and white tv show. Everything sounds right, but nothing makes sense. A code is in place, and I haven't cracked it.

"I have a new timer."


"It's made out of glass."


"It sounds like coconut."


The student demonstrated patiently, as I was clearly differently-abled. She clinked her fingernails on the side of her shiny new aluminun Hello Kitty wide-mouthed Thermos. The clinks did sound "like coconut" somehow, but my time was up. I never would have decoded her story in time to win the Thunderbird convertible. Instead I had to suggest she finish eating the macaroni and cheese in her new "timer".

© 2010 Nancy L. Ruder

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