Playground pronunciation update

"Cardinal" pronunciation remains unsettled. The staff was pondering this on the playground. Do we pronounce the i? Is the pronunciation the same for birds, baseball teams, sins, and ecclesiastical hierarchy? I do know the birds are named for the red robes, not the other way around.

The mama cardinal was pleased I hung a birdfeeder just before our First Day of Spring six-inch snowfall. The cardinal couple and some married ringneck doves are enjoying sunflower seeds this week. Ringneck doves are only slightly smarter than mourning doves. They are always surprised that the feeder swings and swirls when they land on it. Perhaps because the doves seem like black and white television birds, I've started thinking of these two couples as the Kramdens and the Nortons from "The Honeymooners".

Cardinal Cushing? Cardinal Richelieu? St. Louis Cardnals. There is no i in "team", of course! I say Car di nal Cushing, but Cardnal Richelieu. How 'bout you?

© 2010 Nancy L. Ruder

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