Four Quilt 3 Dog Night

So very cold last night. Outside my window the snow kept making soft plopping sounds. I would half-wake and wonder if these were the sounds of a plomphing, hopping rabbit rustling under the bed. Didn't I put the rabbit back in his cage for the night?

After a particularly scary nightmare about rebuilding a corrugated cardboard wheelchair on the top of a hill during a windstorm, I sat up wide awake. My blankets and quilts had slipped onto the floor leaving me shivering, but the preschool rabbit was safely in his cage.

It was clearly the fault of the CBS sportscaster who proclaimed, "It's raining threes on the University of New Mexico!," during the sad second round basketball game last night. Things didn't go well for the Lobos against the Huskies, and threes seemed to rain in my dream.

Now I have the Three Dog Night version of Paul William's song, "Old Fashioned Love Song" haunting my waking hours. On the good side, I'm remembering the graphic impact of the old-fashioned four-block quilts on display at the IQSC in February through March 28th.

Just an old-fashioned love song
One I'm sure they wrote for you and me
Just an old-fashioned love song
Comin' down in 3-part harmony

© 2010 Nancy L. Ruder

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