I never played the game, as Howard Coselle would say, but I've found Mike Leach an interesting character. He's provided lots of entertainment on and off the field through Danger Baby's Texas Tech years. It's been depressing to follow the rapid implosion of the Pirate's coaching career this week.

Major family events coincided with round-the-clock coverage of famous demises and faux news all year:
  • Michael Jackson died the day we moved my father into assisted living in June.
  • The balloon-boy hoax held the nation's attention the weekend of my son's wedding.
  • My last trip to see Dad at Thanksgiving was marked by the Tiger Is A Flawed Mortal drama.

None of these stories rocked my world. But, this week as we moved Dad into the skilled care wing, LeachGate pulled me in. I became part of the onlooker delay on the freeway, gaping at the massive collision of celebrity, fame, poor choices, notoriety, and ego. Mike Leach crashed and burned quickly, instead of leading a slow Bronco chase.

I blame it all on O.J. and Kato.

© 2009 Nancy L. Ruder

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