January attitude adjustment

A three year old girl is learning the names of different boats. She names the sailboat, tugboat, tanker, canoe, and the "summertime spring". Yes, we all live in a yellow summertime spring! We just thought we were the fish on the January hook of an ice fisherman in Quebec, but our chilly attitude needs adjustment.

I don't know if my student is channeling the Beatles or Raffi, but her wonderful mangled "submarine" propelled me through a ridiculously cold day in North Texas. If you feel submerged in Arctic waters, try singing

[So we sailed on to the sun,
Till we found the sea green,
And we lived beneath the waves,
In our yellow submarine,...]

We all live in a summertime spring
a summertime spring
a summertime spring...

© 2009 Nancy L. Ruder

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