Lost my hippo, what'll I do?

Skip to my lou, my darling.

Couldn't find the little Metropolitan Museum replica of the Egyptian faience piece in my teaching tote bag when it was time for art class. Did I put "William" in my purse? Did the hippo fall out in the car, or even fall under the bed while I was looking for the National Geographic mammal book to add to the tote bag? I must be losing my marbles, as well as my hippo. Which reminds me of Vice President Dan Quayle twenty years ago.

I paraphrase here, but what a waste it is to lose one's hippo. Or not to have a hippo is very wasteful. How true that is. At least I got to school with the print-out illustrations of hippos and crocodiles.

The preschool art was as invigorating as a river trip with Bogart and Hepburn onboard the "African Queen". It's always good when we can draw animals starting with a baked potato. Hippos are about as close to a swimming baked potato as you can get.

For fun we also drew some crocodiles starting with french fries. We drew ladders for lifeguard chairs last week, so we drew palm trees today. Palm trees look a lot like ladders.

© 2009 Nancy L. Ruder

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Christine Thresh said...

I've been so tempted to buy that blue hippo. I wonder if it is still for sale.


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