Stubby's delighted

The little anole lizard with the damaged tail is ever so pleased with the latest patio development. My worm bin developed an unfortunate odor, probably from over-feeding, and I had to move it from the laundry room to the patio. I have it sitting in front of the sliding door, just on the other side of the glass from my computer table. Gnats are buzzing around the worm bin lid, attracted by the odor. Stubby has set up watch on the tan brick wall where he can spring onto the lid and eat lunch. His tail is still slightly shorter than a normal tail, and dark at the tip, but reshaping itself nicely.

I suspect the night shift at this post will be held by a spotted gecko. The geckos live in a crevice between the condo slab and patio slab. If I flick on the patio light in the night, I see them scurrying for the nearest cover.

The patio plants look scruffy. Leaf rollers arrived to deform the myrtle and cannas. The rosemary and thyme died while I was in Nebraska last time. The yarrow and mint are tired of the heat. I'm embarrassed to admit I killed a lantana.

On the good side, a hummingbird is visiting the canna flowers with a very familiar flight pattern, arcing between the chinaberry tree, my cannas, and a tree down the alley. It's almost like a dance I've seen often, but not recently. The hummingbirds that have been hanging around for a couple months don't fly this pattern. This bird just arrived. I like thinking he's been here other Septembers. Hummingbirds in the wild can live 3-5 years. Good things are possible.

© 2009 Nancy L. Ruder

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