Green Line to Fair Park

A marketing genius created the billboards promoting Dallas Area Rapid Transit's new light rail Green Line. So far the route only goes from downtown to the State Fair grounds, but the image will stick with me until the line reaches its final destination. Just one bright green squiggle of mustard on a corny dog says it all. No such visual mnemonic device exists for the line from my suburb to downtown Dallas. I've been riding it for several years, but forget sometimes if I need the red or the blue line.

All three lines pass through downtown Dallas, and the Pearl Station on Bryan at Pearl Street is a very busy place. Unfortunately the boarded up derelict old Dallas High School also known as Crozier Tech has been slowly decaying across the street from the station for the twelve years of light rail's existence. The building looks worse than usual with downed branches from our recent storms. Downtown Dallas is much more alive than this eyesore suggests to out-of-town visitors. Historic preservation and ownership issues haunt the place, but it is time for problem solvers to remedy the situation.

On a more positve note, the Deep Ellum Station has a fun take on the Tin Man, known as "Traveling Man". Each Green Line station has a unique design with public art. I like the rusted metal constructions that form an entry to the MLK Station. Looking toward Fair Park the shapes reflect the WRR radio tower and the Texas Giant ferris wheel.

For some children these rail station sculptures may be their first introduction to 3D art. I hope their teachers use this local art to begin discussions of design.

© 2009 Nancy L. Ruder

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I enjoy seeing interesting sites in your city.


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