Recipe googling is addictive

I wanted to make a salad with red potatoes and fresh rosemary, because I had these ingredients and didn't want to run to the grocery store. I'm making the salad for a staff birthday luncheon tomorrow. Googling by the two items on hand led to an evening reading recipes online. So many choices! Hot potato salad with roasted garlic-infused mayo. Another with roasted pine nuts and red peppers. This is sounding soooo good. If reading recipes keeps me from actually eating, I will lose weight, right?

While checking out a potato salad with fresh rosemary AND thyme (another ingredient I had on hand) at Two Fat Als blog, I got diverted into a consideration of radish-cucumber-beet salad. The power of the Web recibe is almost as strong as the Dark Side. Cucumbers make me burp and I don't like radishes. I haven't eaten beets since building towers with the canned diced beets of 1961. But the colorful photos make me ready to drive across a desert to find the ingredients.

When I came out of the desert into the air-conditioned and tastefully-lit Tom Thumb grocery store, they were all out of fresh beets. But they did have a jicama. Jicama in hand, I headed home to google new recipes.

© 2009 Nancy L. Ruder

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Carol said...

So, I'm dying to know what you finally made? The potato salad with fresh rosemary and thyme (from your garden?) sounds wonderful - 3 of my favorite ingredients.


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