Miraculous Samsung sausage cellphone cure-all

After many minutes dealing with reasonably pleasant customer service and tech service personnel at AT& T Mobility trying to solve the Woolly Mammoth's cell phone problems I remembered that I already knew the cure. I have a five-year old Samsung flip phone. When my sons complain that their up-to-the-minute cell phones aren't working right, I offer (or threaten) to mail them that flip phone. Next thing I hear, all their problems are miraculously solved.

This phone is just slightly smaller than a Little Smokie/Pillsbury pig-in-a-blanket, and rates the same Donna Reed score on the Dork-o-Meter. It is garlic to a vampire when it comes to ridding flashy phones of their bugs.

Being a dork, I never could flip the phone open to answer my rare call. I had to get a less calisthenic cell phone. The Samsung just sits in a shoebox of abandoned gizmos, unwanted and unflipped, in my junk drawer. I'd be happy to send it to you should you have problems with your cell phone...

© 2009 Nancy L. Ruder

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