Charming new sculpture in Prather Park

Prather Park, home to the Town of Highland Park's pixie sculptures now has another bronze piece, "Grace Eternal". The sculpture is a gift from the Grace Royall Foundation. It represents a pigtailed girl sliding down a slippery slide with glee, and a boy waving from the top of the nine foot tall slide. A dog is at the bottom of the slide's ladder.

The sculpture was dedicated yesterday in front of a large crowd. Late in the afternoon I walked over to see it. A bride and groom were having photos taken on a nearby park bridge. A teen couple was eating a fast food picnic at a bench. The tennis court was busy, and two young families were playing on the lawn around the sculpture.

The foundation also made a $50,000 gift to Children's Medical Center Dallas this week to improve treatment of septic shock.

© 2009 Nancy L. Ruder

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