Starry Nights and Nevelson Days

Having lots of fun collaborating with the music teacher for this year's spring festival. The theme is a visit to the art museum. The preschoolers will sing songs about the sun and stars, so they have created a 40"x96" paper mosaic mural version of Van Gogh's "Starry Night". This is a 1 1/2' square section of the mural:

The children also made radiating form designs for styrofoam prints. This week we printed their "stars" onto the mural, so each child has a star on the group project.

The older kids, age 6-9, have made radiating form constructions to hang on the wall behind the singers. The results look mighty fine as stars, suns, or flowers.

Next up, a water lily mural and primitive masks.

© 2009 Nancy L. Ruder

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