What will you orbit for Halloween?

"I wanted to be Superman, but I have to be the Incredible Hulk," my student says. I commiserate. Mick Jagger said it best. You can't always be what you want, but you still get a big bag of candy.

"What will you be?," he asks. [My student, not Mick Jagger].

Ah, good question. "I'm going to be Outer Space," I reply without much thought.

"Whoa! Cool!"

At that particular moment, being "Outer Space" sounded very appealing--even better than "Being John Malkovich." Ever since, I've been pondering how to make my galactic costume without investing a lot of time, money, or effort.

I have four panels of rust-dyed and bleach-discharged fabric. Think they can be made into a simple broomstick skirt. Perhaps when I twirl, I'll look like the Milky Way!

Took an old black knit top from the box destined for Salvation Army. Used a bunch of rubber bands to wrap it, then misted it with bleach. The discharged fabric is orange, and the shirt will go with the broomstick galactic skirt. I have some crescent moon earrings. Now, if only I had Hector Dowdy's motorized model solar system on my beanie to complete the ensemble!

© 2008 Nancy L. Ruder

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