If the election were held today...

Preschoolers love to raise their hands. They are unclear on the one child/one vote concept. Preschoolers subscribe to the vote early, vote often theory.

The kids held an election today to select a pretend costume for the class pet rabbit. It was difficult to devise a polling arrangement for fair and accurate voting with this unregistered group. We had several nose-pickers with hanging chads exercising their right to vote. Preschoolers don't wait for a better option very well. To get the foursies vote you want to be high on the ballot!

Nine children chose the fortune teller costume with plastic crystal ball for Norton. All analysts agree ballot position was a large factor here.

Thirteen children voted for the traditional, conservative, tested but unimaginative ghost costume for the bunny.

Four children opted for the Aesop's tortoise costume. These children give me hope for the future of America. Their candidate was not fast, flashy, or magenta sparkly. The kids had to understand a bit of history, philosophy, and humor.

One boy waited to raise his hand for the plastic glasses and fake mustache. This kid knows what he likes. He can be a bit aggravating, but in twenty years I bet he'll be convincing his network of friends and classmates to vote for his candidate.

© 2008 Nancy L. Ruder

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