Chicken Little and Curious George

The U.S. House of Representatives voted to approve the ridiculozillion dollar bailout package today. Ah, yes. Again the fools rush in where angels fear to spend.

"They didn't know it was GEORGE. They thought it was a real fire." This line from the classic picture book, Curious George, has been lurking on the edge of my mind the last week or so.

Maybe there really is a crisis. Still, it seems we, and our elected representatives, should be getting a bit more suspicious when the Bush Administration declares another Impending Destruction of All Life As We Know It Unless We Act NOW. This time around it's Wall Streets of Mass Destruction. Colin Powell has been replaced, but the Administration has proven intelligence to know exactly where the WSMDs are hidden.

Maybe I've just been hanging out with preschoolers too long. If you tell a preschooler to hurry up and wash his hands, he will drag out the process as long as possible, annoying his classmates, and watching his reflection and your reaction in the mirror to see if you will flinch.

I wish Congress would have dilly-dallied a bit to see if Dubya and his crew would flinch. I'm afraid the new administration will be sworn in, and Curious George and his cronies will be riding off with their golden gazillion $ balloons.

© 2008 Nancy L. Ruder

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