Ruby-throated telenovela

It's a soap opera, for sure, but with grand opera possibilities:

A tiny green anole lizard has taken to patrolling the red base of my patio hummingbird feeder in search of yummy insects attracted to the sugar syrup. He parades around the circuit, and occasionally shows off his red throat flap. If he had a top hat he could be the ringmaster at the Barnum and Bailey Circus. So far, he refuses to pose for my photos.

The green hummingbird has frequented the feeder for the past month. This bird, no bigger than the lizard, rightly believes the feeder is its personal open-air cocktail lounge. On discovering the anole at its favorite watering hole, the hummingbird performed some irritable aerial maneuvers with prominent beak posturing. I'm thinking Hamilton and Burr will be dueling just before Ike's winds arrive tomorrow morning.

Last night I surfed through my cable line-up twice, not knowing any goal. Encountered many telenovelas. A telenovela is explained as a Latin American TV soap opera, often having a limited number of episodes.

Don't know how many episodes. For the present, the hummingbird has chased the lizard away. They are both still wearing their green suits with red cravats. The Dallas Opera has many operas scheduled this season with plots just as sketchy.

© 2008 Nancy L. Ruder


Christine Thresh said...

I hope you are okay down there in Texas.

Collagemama said...

Thank you for asking. I am concerned about the situation along the Texas coast. Just home from a busy day at the library with people stocking up on videos and reading material. It's been soggy, but no big wind or heavy rain in the North Dallas area so far.

Don't see the lizard, but several hummingbirds are having a territorial dogfight around the feeder.


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