Extreme Okra Arts & Crafts

It's been a tough summer in the school garden. The pepper and tomato plant flowers didn't set. The squirrels ate the tops off the sunflower plants.

The basil and salvia took over their corner, but the real monster is the okra plant. It's taller than I am, and far, FAR wider. The preschool class is drying okra pods to make okragators/pod lizards for fall Open House, but that barely dents the supply of okra.

That's why I'm so excited to discover block-printing with okra to make a flower/star pattern on fabric. This will be the second year for the school to create a quilt to raffle at the spring music festival. It would be very cool if the students could print the fabric for part of the quilt with the bountiful okra.

What kind of child-safe, non-toxic paint or dye could be used that would be fairly permanent? It can't break sewing machine needles when the fabric is pieced and quilted. Please send suggestions!

© 2008 Nancy L. Ruder

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