Driving a walrus in the Rose Bowl Parade

This week the Buick got a new intake manifold gasket, starter, battery, and coolant flush, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.

Well, not exactly. I didn't get a t-shirt. Instead I got vivid dreams of having a pedicure while riding atop a petal-decorated Tournament of Roses parade float.

Three days driving my walking buddy's giant walrus of a Ford Explorer altered my consciousness, but I'm proud to say I never fell down out of the driver's seat onto the pavement. I want my small, low vehicle back, despite its flaws!

Two weeks of sharing lizard stories with preschoolers had me in full gecko velcro toe mode. Gecko toes are inspiring scientists to create new adhesive products, but all I got were these lousy nightmares of Warren Zevon cross-pollinating with Rosie in Bye-Bye Birdie!

Well, I saw Lon Chaney waving like the parade queen, doing the walrus of London.

I saw Warren Zevon riding on the float, doing the walrus of London.

I saw a gecko drinking a pina colada at Trader Vic's, and his toenails were perfect.

I saw Rosie dancing with Dick Van Dyke on the upper level of the Trinity River Express train.

Ahhhooooo, wake me up, please! Ahhhooooo, wake me up, please!

© 2008 Nancy L. Ruder

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