Carrier recoil

Why must I pay the labor to replace my two-year old Carrier Performance N Coil-Vertical Evaporator Coil? The defective coil has caused my HVAC system to leak Puron and waste expensive electricity this whole hot Texas summer. I've paid for service calls and replacement Puron for the system that was supposed to save me money. My clothes and belongings in the closet downstairs from the defective coil have been ruined by condensate dripping through the ceiling. The ceiling and carpet are both stained.

In early June the serviceman couldn't find the Puron leak caused by the bad Carrier coil. He replenished the Puron, but it's just been leaking ever since. On hot and humid days the a/c ran almost continuously.

Today's serviceman located the leak in the coil. My Carrier warranty will provide a new coil, a $1600 part. The warranty won't cover the labor cost. On my upflow system the replacement of the evaporator coil requires removing the furnace just to get to the coil. Two or three big, brawny HVAC techs for several hours at an estimated labor cost of $795.00.

I'm learning that my Carrier coil experience is far from unique. Should you need to replace your HVAC system it would be wise to recoil from a Carrier.

© 2008 Nancy L. Ruder

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