Donald Duck Goes to War

Donald Duck called my cell phone this morning just as I was getting to work. When I was a kid we used to put serious playground practice effort into talking like Donald Duck. Unfortunately, I neither speak nor understand Donaldese these days.

Donald Duck seemed to be in one of his 1942 war propaganda cartoon shorts (although Donald didn't wear shorts or pants even in wartime). He would quacker-quack, then there would be a huge roar. Finally, in a moment of clarity, I could understand my son. "Did you hear that fighter jet, Mom? It flew right over me! I'm standing by the lake."

Thank heaven Donald Danger Baby isn't in Iraq, Afghanistan, or even South Ossetia. He's on the shore of Lake Michigan for the 50th Annual Chicago Air and Water Show. Windy City and fighter jets don't make for a clear conversation.

© 2008 Nancy L. Ruder

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