Back to school--Voter registration!

My sons all have new addresses this fall. They need to make sure they have re-registered to vote long before the November presidential election. So many things to remember when you relocate, guys, but this is very important!

All public libraries are required to have voter registration forms available. If you want to vote in your home community instead of your campus community, you'll need to investigate absentee voting procedures. These differ in each state. Advance preparations are required.

Your mom knows you have certain procrastination tendencies. Please don't delay, as states have different deadlines for registering. November gets here faster than we can imagine. Check out the appropriate website for more information.


New Mexico


All Fifty States

You may need to attach copies of identification documents with your application that show your current address. The first time you vote you'll have to show specific forms of identification at your polling place on Election Day. Forms of ID for might be a current, valid photo ID, a current utility bill, bank statement, government check or document, or paycheck that shows both your name and address. Filling out a post office change of address form is a good start. Even better, please directly inform your bank and other entities of your new address.

Postal Service online Change of Address

It would be really nice if you gave your mom a call or email letting her know you've taken care of registering to vote. She'll be really pleased.

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