Your supermarket checkout tabloids

Celebrity Worm Week paid Verm-Gelina a ridiculous sum of money for the exclusive rights to publish the first baby photos from the worm bin. This tiny fellow, barely a half-inch long, is one of several crawling on the wall of the worm bin tonight. He was a little fussy when the paparazzi aimed their cameras at him, so it's not the clearest photo.

Like tabloid cutest couples, compost bin redworms are hermaphroditic. Their names are shortened and hyphenated, but they have both male and female sex equipment. Still, it takes two redworms to tango.

So, I'll just have to surmise that those weekend assemblies up in the bin handles were really tango lessons. If you've never seen a worm clench a long-stemmed rose in its teeth while clicking castenets, you've just never truly composted!

© 2008 Nancy L. Ruder

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