Who's that trippy tromping?

Little Billy

Having determined that three sizes of gruff, neck-puffing anoles are traveling across my fence, I began to wonder if I could get them to go across a bridge. This will be a very unscientific experiment, but it could provide some entertainment, and the price was right.

Over the years, many friends, relatives, and parents of students have donated wine corks for use in art class construction, collage, and print-making projects. I have a small bushel basketful at the moment, so I wired up this swinging bridge.

No Troll So Far

No lizards yet, as it is a rainy morning. My only fence visitors are two clueless mourning doves waddling along the top rail. They seem to be saying, "The sky is going to fall; we must go and tell the President," but that is a different story.

I will have to wait for a sunny afternoon to give a lizard bridge traffic report.

Big Billy

© 2008 Nancy L. Ruder

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