A new big sister

My little student has a brand new baby sister. "What is your baby's name?," we ask. The student answers firmly, "Bah-ba-deer."

Baby Dear? That's what it sounds like. My own little sister had a lifelike, floppy baby doll named Baby Dear in the early Sixties. The doll looked like Eloise Wilkin's illustrations of babies in several Little Golden Books. The doll needed help supporting its head, just like a real baby. The doll also had hair just too tempting to a child who received a pair of left-handed scissors the same Christmas.

I read The New Baby to my sons hundreds of times. My Eloise Wilkin favorite from the Fifties was My Teddy Bear. I had a dress just like the girl on the cover.

Will the new baby really be named "Bah-ba-deer"?

© 2007 Nancy L. Ruder

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