August Sasse excerpt #2

More from the handwritten biography of my great grandfather:

{In The Year 1879, our daughter Maggie was born but died a few month later;,,}
{The Year 1881 brought us our Son Henry who also died when but a few month old:
So Time passed with Sorrow -- Grief -- ; and happiness; for all of us:" --- --- --- Excepting The Year 1880, we raised fair to good Crops, and with the Childrens help; we got along - pretty well:,, but yet we needed help, for if one on the top of the list got married; it was nessessary, that another Took her place -- -- -- -- -- So on The 11th day of October 1882, our Son Nicolai was born; and promised to take The burden off The old mans shoulders -- -- but that still left your Mother, to carry her big and heavy load: --- --- --- --- --- Therefore kind providence was with us; and on The 15th day of August 1884 our daughter Dorothy was born:,, ---- ---- This made it an even dozen; That the good Lord had given to us;,, and as we now look back over the past; we must say: Father in Heaven we Thank Thee:" Amen!! In The Year 1885, we sold off, our stock on hand; for I was too sickly; to do the farm work any longer -- we rented a house in Orleans, where we lived, untill the fall 1889. When we moved to our farm 2 1/2 miles west of Orleans; and which I had prepared while living in The City. -- -- -- During our residence in Orleans [?] four years;,, I worked in a store --- and one winter I thaught German, to a Class of Eleven;, all grown Men & women. ---- ---- While here I was Thrown down, on my sick bed, for a couple of month, suffering from Neuralgia of The heart. -- and at the same time of Erysipelas over the whole head:'' - What I suffered, when near death door; nobody Knows but me -- and The almighty father in Heaven. From The fall of 1889 untill The spring of 1910. we lived on our farm, west of town; Then we moved into one of our houses; which we had built in 1909. and where we now live happy and Contended -- -- spending our old age, in peacefull retirement, and will not go forth, to any other home, untill The good Lord says:,, Come!! --- --- Now in conclusion, of This short:; and yet long life -- of your old parents -- -- let me say to you, our dear Children ; That at all times, we never looked for trouble in The future!! We always took the bright side , of happennings, as they came to us ; and were always trying to face The Sun: So That we couldnt see any shadow! -- -- And to you each and every one we would say :
Always try and face The Sun!!

© 2007 Nancy L. Ruder

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