The Lone Ranger's Regret

The elementary kids are making toy theatres again. After making theatres with royal boxes last time, I was seized with the idea of making a stage set for Romeo and Juliet. The kids understood immediately when I started a melodramatic recitation of the balcony scene. It was time for the french fry boxes again!

I keep deep-frying my brain to come up with uses for the french fry boxes. When we bought the case of them six years ago I had to promise to find ways to use all 5000 of them. It would be a snap at McDonald's, but it takes awhile in art class. Alas (swoon), I wasn't able to take any photos of the balcony scenes, but here is one of the theatres with its Playbill. I love that the six year old girl won't let children under ten come to her show!

As the class got more amped up, I got more tongue-tied. "Wherefore art thou," became, "Where fort out there?" Or "Kemo-Sabe, Kemo-Sabe. Where fort out there, Kemo-Sabe?" And that's when the Lone Ranger knew that loaning his Complete Works of William Shakespeare to Tonto was a bad idea!

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