It's back down to 86 in here

Eighty six degrees is feeling pretty good at the moment after two feverish days. I'm recovering, but the air conditioner didn't. I've never had strep throat in the summer in Texas before, and it's not a fun-filled theme park. I slept twenty-six of the last forty-eight hours. In between strange dreams of poached eggs, Campbell's beef barley soup, and Earth Mother archetypes, I'd wake up, "force fluids", and gradually realize that the a/c wasn't cooling. Then I'd fall asleep again.

The a/c repairman slapped defibrillators on it and got it running again for a couple hours yesterday, but after that it just couldn't say "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can" anymore. Please, Little Blue Engine! Please take us to the top of that cool mountain again, cried all the dolls and toys together! Please make it cool for the good little condo boys and girls! Yes, the dreams were pretty weird again last night.

So today two a/c techs installed a new system that will be much more energy efficient, and a good selling point for the condo. It took them seven warm hours to do it. The worst part was testing the furnace! Now, the new a/c is chugging and puffing along. It has a big job to do. We're at 86, but that's a long way from the top of the mountain!

The new arrivals:

Blue booties for him. Pink booties for her. No chocolate booties until it gets a lot cooler in here!

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Genevieve said...

We had AC problems this summer also, so I empathize with your appreciation of "down to 86°." Fortunately, I didn't have to cope with strep throat simulataneously.


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