Ballet paper dolls

This book of paper dolls and costumes was published by Whitman, copyright 1955, and cost twenty-nine cents at Kresges over at the Gateway Mall. From the sales slip, which was tucked in the cover folder pocket (for storing your paper tutus), I can tell I purchased it on June 27, but I can't read the year. Since there was a one-cent sales tax on the twenty-nine cents, and another tax-free purchase for a nickel, I bet that I bought the paper dolls in 1967. That was the year Nebraska instituted a general sales tax. A five-cent pack of Wrigley's gum was probably considered "food", and therefore tax-free. I'm guessing Doublemint or Spearmint. By '67 I was tired of the way Juicy Fruit started tasting like pickles after fifteen-twenty minutes of chewing!

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