Driving Miss Dante

There's purgatory. There's limbo. And then there's DFW airport. Talk about your circles of Hell! "Unintelligent design" is the cover story of the March Discover magazine, but it isn't about confusing the ramps for arrivals and departures.

Feeling confused and trapped, and perhaps sucked down into the vortex? Don't feel alone. Freaking because three lanes are merging into one in just twenty feet? Wondering if clear directional guidance in the parking garages is reserved for baptized true believers? What does it mean if your flight is changed to a different gate and baggage claim turnstile?

I'm betting the afterlife is a lot like baggage claim. Your stuff pops up from the chute, then drops down to the carousel to circle and circle unclaimed for all eternity.

I can still see my high school English teacher drawing Inferno diagrams on the chalkboard. That was well before scientists encountered the enormous mimivirus that looks suspiciously like the design for the airport terminal. I'm hoping there will be a Cliff's Notes for DFW soon!

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