Not Driving Miss Daisy

Not driving Mary Kay Cosmetics, either. The Caddies of "Cadillac Ranch" are looking a lovely shade of pink right now to promote breast cancer awareness, and the September Amarillo "Race For the Cure". Stanley Marsh 3's ten nose-planted Cadillacs have been painted and graffitied many times in the thirty-one years of the installation.

It seems very appropriate that this road art icon on the "Mother Road" of historic Route 66, is now honoring our mothers, sisters, and friends who are victims or survivors of breast cancer. My good friend, JP, loves old cars and license plates, follows Route 66, and is in remission. Surviving breast cancer has made her stronger and clearer in her goals. That girl is a V-8 engine now! She is a rosy gift of inspiration for everyone she meets.

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