Naps and cool weather wasted on the young

That poor devil, my youngest, is stuck in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He's been eliminated from competition in the Billiard Congress of America Junior and Collegiate 9-Ball Championships on the University of Michigan campus. He is unhappy, and wants to head home early. Wouldn't you want to rush back to ninety-eight degree Dallas? How awful to have a very nice hotel room overlooking the Michigan campus all to yourself, and nothing to do but enjoy walking in the seventy degree weather, taking photos, napping, or reading? I am soooo jealous!

I'm especially envious because he could attend a very groovy performance of Shakespeare in the Arb's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" in the Nichols Arboretum tomorrow night. The performers and audience all wander along the trails. It would be a perfect evening as I am deep in the fairy mindset!

Yes, there really is a Billiard Congress of America. It has been "governing the sport of pocket billiards since 1948".

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