So the lion ate Pierre.

"I don't care."

Pierre is graduating from high school now, and his parents are about ready to bop him with the folding chair and leave him there. Not send him to college anywhere. Pierre has a wonderful scholarship offer to a fine and scenic university, but he does not care. He wants to go elsewhere.

Thank heaven for Maurice Sendak! I didn't realize his classic early reader from the Nutshell Library would be so apropos at this stage of the parenthood game. I wish I could spell out life for my eighteen year-old with "a cautionary tale in five chapters and a prologue". The whole empty nest scene looks more appealing when kids pour syrup on their hair!

One day
his mother said
when Pierre
climbed out of bed,
"Good morning,
darling boy,
you are
my only joy."
Pierre said,
"I don't care!"

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talky123 said...

This was my very favorite book to read to Joe.


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